Special way for smartphone users

Since smartphones, which became an integral part of daily life, lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians, a special path was made for smartphone users in Poland. The way the municipality did not pedestrians.In Warsaw, a smart phone route was built for pedestrians who did not drop their smartphones while walking in Poland so that they could browse the Internet more safely. However, contrary to the customary way, the citizens of Warsaw Municipality did not.Nowowiejska Street where the Warsaw Technical University is located in the busy pedestrian traffic caused by students, combined with their indispensable smart phone on the sidewalk can not walk easily on the side of the municipality’s bicycle path of the municipality made their own smart phone path. On the way to the smartphone separated from the pedestrian part by a white line, there is a picture of the man looking at the luminous screen of the phone in his hand. The reactions of the residents to the road came differently.

Some say that such a path is a righteous idea, while others say that those who cannot keep their eyes on the phone should appear to the psychologist. Though the ideas are different, smartphone addicts can surf the Internet safely at least on Nowowiejska Street.It is not yet known whether the Warsaw Municipality will spread the practice of Nowowiejska Street residents throughout the city in the coming days.

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