WhatsApp messaging platform

WhatsApp messaging platform , which has the most users in the world , has released a beta version in the past weeks and offered its self-erasing messages feature. However, the company decided to release this feature, which is expected to come with the original version.WhatsApp is giving up this feature!WhatsApp , the most popular messaging platform in the world , has introduced its self-erasing messages feature with a beta release . With this feature users can then send messages in the form of deletion. For example, you could have the ability to set the deletion time of messages sent in a certain hour, day, week, month, or year . This feature, which came with the beta release, excited the users. The same version was also available in Snapchat and is being used successfully.

However, WhatsApp has removed this feature from use, it has emerged with a new beta release. Apparently; The company has just made an experiment with this feature in a previous beta release.In fact, this feature is not completely removed, because in the new Beta release, group administrators have the authority to delete messages from the group in the time they set. This feature, which is currently in trial, is expected to be available for all group managers with the update coming in the new year.

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