Smart bulb from TP-Link

TP-Link, which makes homes safer and more entertaining with smart home products for a while, launched its new smart bulb model KL130. The KL130 is a multi-colored, easy-to-install and managed smart light bulb with voice command.The KL130 is a multicolor and dimming option that offers unlimited use. Thanks to different color and lighting possibilities, it provides color and lighting adjustment for every different situations such as working from dinner, reading, and entertainment. It is possible to create and set different scenes with Kasa Smart without having to turn the light on or off or adjust the light level manually. For example, the ‘movie watching scene’ where the light is dimmed; ‘party scene’ with color transitions; like the ‘good night scene’ where all lights will be turned off or left too dim. It is enough to select these scenes once and then select whichever scene you want. All lights can be adapted to this scene with a single touch. It is also possible to adjust the white balance automatically.

Extremely easy to install, the KL130 does not require any hubs, it can be connected directly to the home WiFi network. With TP-Link’s Smart Smart application developed for smart home products, all settings and control of the bulb can be made very simple and convenient. It is possible to manage KL130 from anywhere from smartphone with Kasa Smart application which is supported on Android and iOS. Lights can be switched on and off while away from home. In addition, programming can be switched off at certain times. For example, the light in the children’s room can be programmed to dim every night at a certain hour. All these can be done with a few taps with the Kasa Smart application, which is very easy to use.

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