Stylish design details

When it comes to laptop, it becomes very important to be mobile. In today’s work environments, lightweight laptops are both useful and practical. Asus Zenbook 14 UX433 is one of these models.had the opportunity to see different models of the Asus Zenbook family at the CES (Consumer Eletronics Show ) in the USA. The UX392 coded model was remarkable with its slim, stylish and powerful equipment. I have already seen the UX433, which comes with the test because the Zenbook family consists of such products. The computer comes with a 14-inch display fitted in a 13.3-inch body. This touch-free screen offers Full HD resolution. With a slim-frame display, the screen has a high ratio of 92%. The weight and weight of the computer is only 1,147 grams. The outer surface and the keypad are silver gray. The speaker has a golden color. Connections and inputs / outputs are located on the sides of the computer. An interesting detail about the touch pad is that the numeric keypad is integrated here.Let’s say, after the technical data, the experience of using the computer: As a former Asus Vivobook (and still used by the household), let’s say that the Zenbook offers a slightly higher level of experience: the Zenbook is generally expensive, but it is a lightweight computer with advanced hardware. genetics of its members. Fast, light and powerful model. The distance of the keys is nicely adjusted. The keyboard offers a long-lasting experience. The numeric keypad integrated into the TouchPad is an interesting solution. It is active or inactive when you press a virtual key in the upper corner of the TouchPad for a second, which is a nice feature for those who have to enter numbers (even if I don’t use them too much).

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